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hi, very much part of my childhood! how did you get there???haha. btw, that part were people thought it was funny for them to get filmed/videod at and you laughed back at them. that was raw, it was the truest identity of us all.

I was there 2 weeks ago, loved the place, i can't wait to return

ohh my God... thank you for uploading diz vidio were i saw my mother selling fish together with my younger brother,,, i reli miz them coz i am her in manila ryt now... add me upp on facebook... myzteryfighter@yahoo.com

nice job mate, loved the video, i grew up in that town too but moved to london.. when it's raining and freezing and gloomy, this video will cheer u up, thinkin about the sun, the beach and the seafood y'know.. i wanna roam, in a place called home, where happiness is never ending! cheers man!

Thank you so much for posting this video of my hometown. I really miss the place!

When I was in Palompon it was fun to go around with my friend because indeed she seemed to know everybody! I am so glad that you and your friends enjoyed my video efforts. I'm from Oregon, U.S.A -- where are you from? I gather that you are not from Palompon.

thank you for sharing. My wife is from a small village near Palompon and she is going back to visit in a few months. This video made her very hungry.

thanks sa video...

thanks for sharing! my husband likes your palompon videos a lot.. he's from there.

When I saw it dis video ,,I already missed there especially fresh seafood ,fresh veges and some other things in Palompon ...thnx for the video..and soon i will come back there:) hve a nice day

I'm glad I visited, because now I know why my friend gets homesick for Palompon -- what a wonderful place to live. Glad you enjoyed the video.

Thank you kindly!

No, that's not his but my husband figured out who your friend is and his family happen to know them which is really not surprising because Palompon is a small town where everybody knows almost everybody. Btw, we showed your videos to other Palompangons through Facebook and they liked it as well. You really did a great job!

I really enjoyed visiting Palompon in March 2009 with my friend who grew up there. Thanks for your comment. I wonder if it was your husband (user name nickagaton) who commented on my Calanggaman Island video? He said, "Promote Calanggaman Island." It was fun to be part of the all-city trip to the island to celebrate the recovery of that island.

Thank you kindly -- I hope you do get to visit Palompon someday -- it is a wonderful place.


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